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Grimm Fairy Tales Omnibus Volume 2

Grimm Fairy Tales Omnibus Volume 2
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Sela Mathers is humanity's greatest hope at keeping peace between Earth and the four realms that surround it: Wonderland, Neverland, Oz, and Myst. Armed with immense but still untapped power, Sela must find a way to utilize her unique abilities to stop the powerful Dark One from destroying everything in his quest to rule the world. 

This massive omnibus collects issues 51-93 of Zenescope's smash-hit comic book series. By exploring a much darker side of the infamous fairy tales many grew up on, the Grimm Fairy Tales are re-imagined with an intriguing combination of horror, fantasy, and incredible artwork. 

Enter a world where the shocking repercussions of one's choices must always be faced... Enter the world of Grimm Fairy Tales.